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Welcome to Tweedie Therapy
Tweedie Therapy was created to educate and empower you as a parent in promoting your child’s success! We are eager to get to know and learn about your child. The most effective treatment techniques and theories will be used to provide your family with the answers you are searching for. Tweedie Therapy views treatment from a different perspective. We strive to promote change by working closely with your family to provide you with the tools needed for your child to be successful. We work one-on-one with families to change desired behaviors. This is completed through a comprehensive evaluation process that covers all areas of development such as: social-emotional, sensory and motor, cognitive, and language. In addition a comprehensive integrated understanding of the child and their relationship with their family’s, larger community, and culture will help promote success in your child’s development. We use the information from the evaluation to provide extensive suggestions, modifications, and individualized treatment tailored to your child and family needs. We are highly motivated to understand “why” this behavior is happening and develop the plan accordingly. We will work closely with your family until you are successful with the implementation of the plan. We continue to monitor your family’s progress and be of support throughout the process. You know your child best and spend the most time with them. Change needs to happen within the home first in order for the child to be successful in other environments. Tweedie Therapy wants to become an advocate for you and your family by providing unique and personal modification plans specific to your family’s needs.

Tweedie Therapy also focuses in the area of early intervention. Whether you are a new parent looking for resources on how to foster healthy development or you are a parent with concerns about your child’s development, we provide services to meet your needs. We can offer early intervention treatment, information, education, and skills required to help you succeed as a parent and provide you the tools for your child to maximize their potential! Please refer to the Early Intervention and Detection link and Sensational Growth link for more information.

We are currently developing group programs of various topics. We believe groups to be a beneficial environment to work on skill development. Children are given the opportunity to socially interact and learn from their peers. Please click on the Groups link to read about the upcoming group treatment sessions!