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Comprehensive Pediatric Occupational Therapy
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What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?
The occupation of a child is to develop skills such as creeping, crawling, walking, eating, dressing, learning and academics, attention, reading, sports and much more! Occupational therapists focus on promoting success in these areas and encouraging the child to reach their potential and beyond.

Tweedie Therapy views children, their environment, and their interaction with the world in a holistic manner. We treat a variety of diagnoses in pediatrics. Some examples include but are not limited to: motor delays, coordination challenges, low muscle tone, autism, sensory processing disorders, learning disorders, neurological disorders, developmental delays, premature infants, ADHD, etc. Any child that is having difficulty with developmentally appropriate skills that are interfering with their academic, social, emotional, and other life skills would be appropriate for services by Tweedie Therapy. All areas of development affect each other. Our evaluations produce a comprehensive picture that guides recommendations.