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Sensational Growth: Infant Massage Classes

Sensational Growth is a 4 week group series for caregiver and infant, focusing on infant massage techniques and healthy nervous system development. There are several benefits to massage such as increased bonding, body awareness, relaxation, digestion, and many more. You will be learning the Loving Touch infant massage technique used to promote healthy development. This series also focuses on how to facilitate healthy sensory development through activities such as tummy time, wearing and holding your baby, rocking, and the effects of infant carriers.

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Sensorimotor Theme Groups

Sensorimotor theme groups according to Buskirk & Slone are a form of intervention developed to improve academics and sensorimotor skills in all children. Sensorimotor activities are fun and a foundational part of learning and development, whether you have sensory processing disorder or not. These groups are designed to provide appropriate developmental experiences to stimulate and integrate the underlying sensory systems in the body. The groups will include, sensory, motor, cognitive, social-emotional and communication skill activities to enhance learning. Any child is appropriate for this group. We will organize groups based on age to facilitate age appropriate skill development.

There will also be a group offered to include children with sensory processing challenges. Prior to the start of the program your child will receive a sensory-based evaluation. A treatment plan will be developed as a guide for your child’s program learning objectives.

First group projected Winter/Spring 2014

Handwriting Groups

Is your child struggling with handwriting?

Does he/she…?

  • Avoid pre-writing skills such as coloring and drawing
  • Become frustrated and avoid writing, drawing, or copying activities
  • Have difficulty forming, spacing, and sizing letters
  • Apply too much or too little pressure on the pencil
  • Have difficulty remembering letters and numbers
  • Writes slowly
  • Frequently drops the pencil
  • Have difficulty copying from the board or a piece of paper
  • Have difficulty organizing words and sentences

If you answered yes to any of these questions then your child may benefit from a handwriting group intervention.

The group is designed to develop your child’s handwriting skills and confidence with written work. Groups will be organized according to age to work on appropriate developmental writing skills. This group is modeled off the “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum with additional activities to strengthen visual motor, sensorimotor, and social skills.

First group projected Summer/Fall 2014

“How does your engine run” Self-regulation program

This program will focus on success in the school environment using the Alert Program: How Does Your Engine Run. This group will meet 2 times a week for 6 weeks to address sensory modulation difficulties. According to the Alert program our bodies are like car engines, sometimes they run too high, sometimes they run too low, and other times they are running just right. The goal of the program is to get the kid’s engines running just right so they are able focus in the school environment. Another component of the program is teaching the kids the signs of when their engines are too high and educate them with strategies to modulate their own nervous systems. This program is appropriate for 7-10 years olds.

First group projected Fall 2014

Kindergarten Readiness Program

Are you comfortable and confident in your child’s academic and developmental skills before sending them to kindergarten? No need to worry! Tweedie Therapy is offering a Kindergarten Readiness Program using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. This program will focus on the developmental skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten. We will be focusing on math, literacy, prewriting, motor, sensory, and social skills. The program will run over the summer to ease the transition into kindergarten. Help your child feel more confident knowing they will be successful in their new classroom! Space is limited please call to reserve a spot.

First group projected Summer 2014/15

Summer camps for kids with special needs

Children will enjoy coming to summer camp at Tweedie Therapy. Here they will have the opportunity to make new friends and partake in this sensory rich environment. The details of summer camp will be posted when available.

First summer camp projected Summer 2014/15