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Sensational Soothing Services

Tweedie Therapy is pleased to be offering the community, Sensational Soothing Strategies. If your little one is having a difficult time adjusting to life outside the womb, look no further! Tweedie therapy is here to help you. The 4th trimester (first three months of your babies life) can be a huge adjustment for baby and you. If your baby is difficult to calm and nothing you try seems to be helping, please call for your free consultation. We want you to be able to enjoy and connect with your baby. We are based on the principles of pediatric occupational therapy and we specialize on how the nervous system develops. Sensational Soothing Services includes an in depth evaluation of your baby, their nervous system, and how they are adjusting outside the womb. You will be given an evaluation report with numerous strategies and techniques to help you calm your baby. This information can be gained in person or over video conferencing.

Prices for sensational soothing services

Sensational Services in person: $200

Sensational Services via video conferencing $150

$50 per session if additional services are needed

Please contact us at 828-414-1464 or to book an appointment and for more information.