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Benefits to Rocking your Baby

  • It helps with digestion: Rocking assists in the movement of the intestine and thus serves to improve digestion and absorption, especially beneficial for fussy or colicky babies.
  • It calms the baby: It has a calming effect because it reminds the baby of being in the womb. We spontaneously rock our baby at the same rate as our walking rhythm in late pregnancy.
  • It helps the inner ear: The inner ear is stimulated while rocking and it helps to maintain equilibrium. Rocking helps the infant with holding their head up and finding their place in space.
  • Rocked infants are better able to visually track and response to sounds.
  • It helps circulation: Rocking increased cardiac output and circulation. It promotes respiration and discourages lung congestion.

Benefits to Holding your Baby

  • The more time babies spend in a vertical position the more they are alert and calm.
  • It provides your baby with security and trust
  • It stimulates their sensory systems with the pressure of being against your body.
  • The more we hold our babies the sooner they leave our arms. When a baby is held they are receiving an abundant amount of sensory input needed for skills such as crawling and walking.
  • 50 studies have been conducted across Africa, Asia, and Latin American resulting in carried babies sit, stand, and walk earlier then non carried babies.