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Understand your premature baby’s needs and what you can do to help.

Several studies support early intervention in the preterm infant population. Nordhov, Ronning, Ulvund, Dahl, & Kaaresen (2012) concluded preterm infants whose family received the Mother Infant Transition Program, demonstrated fewer attention and aggressive behaviors at the age of five. These are two behaviors that are prominent in the preterm population.

Spittle et al. (2009), Larroque et al. (2008), & Leversen et al. (2011), examined preterm infants in the early years to determine deficits in this population. Spittle et al. (2009) study resulted in behavior and social-emotional impairments. Larroque et al. (2008) revealed deficits in neurodevelopmental skills at the age of five. Leversen et al. (2011) showed neurodevelopmental and sensory deficits at the age of five. These are a few studies that support the need for early intervention in this population. If you are a parent of a preterm infant please do not wait until your child shows deficits or challenges, please address your child’s future now. Tweedie Therapy can work with your family to educate on sensory, motor, and behavioral development. It is never to late to impact the life of your child, please call or e-mail is you have any questions.


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