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Every baby/child is unique and so should their sleep services. We can build a package and develop strategies that are individualized to your families sleep needs and beliefs surrounding sleep. We want to make sure we are addressing all areas of concern related to sleep. Being that we offer pediatric occupational therapy services, we look at sleep from a therapeutic viewpoint. Sleep is considered an activity of daily living. Preparing for sleep and staying a sleep is a skill that must be taught. We are here to provide you with an in depth evaluation and sleep plan unique to your child and family.

Prices for baby and toddler sleep consultations

Plans start as low as $150 and go up to $400 for comprehensive plans.

Call for your free consultation today, don’t keep hoping things will change, act today! You will be one step closer to a good nights sleep.

Please contact us at 828-414-1464 or to book an appointment and for more information.