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Tweedie therapy is overjoyed to be offering sleep services for babies/kids with special health care needs. Whether your baby was preterm and is having a hard time adjusting to life at home, or your baby experienced medical complications and is having a difficult time self soothing (this is a prerequisite to sleep), or your child has sensory processing disorder and has a difficult time settling down at night, we are here to figure out what strategies/techniques will be most beneficial to you your child and family. This service includes an in-depth evaluation and history. Part of the evaluation will be a sensory processing assessment to evaluate how well your baby/child is able to self soothe. We will then develop strategies based on areas of concern. Self-soothing/regulation is a foundational skill needed to control emotions and behaviors. We will develop strategies to help your baby/child develop self-regulation skills for the purpose of preparing their bodies for the nourishing sleep they need.

Prices for sensational sleep services for kids with special health care needs

These plans are highly individualized and start at $200.00. Call today for your free consultation.

This is the first step to a peaceful night and restful sleep.

Please contact us at 828-414-1464 or to book an appointment and for more information.