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Sensational Growth - Loving Touch© Theraputic Infant Massage Classes: Offered frequently. Contact us today at 828-414-1464 or to reserve your spot!
Group sessions will be starting soon. Information about the sessions will be posted as soon as it is available.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Evaluation – We work with children from infancy through high school. We will come to your house to conduct the evaluation. The assessment will include but not limited to sensory processing abilities, behavior modification, self-regulation, fine, gross, oral, visual motor development, handwriting, activities of daily living, social skills, and life skills. You will be provided with a detailed assessment and recommendations for success.

School or Community Program Observation – This includes observations of your child in a structured environment with other children and adults present. The observation offers pertinent information about how your child functions with increased demands and how they interact socially. At times children can become overwhelmed by all the environmental stimuli and this observation will provide important detail to how and in what environment your child functions best. You will be provided with a detailed document with suggestions for success.

Sensory Diet – Each child has a unique set of sensory needs. The Sensory Diet is a personalized activity plan specific to your child’s sensory needs. It provides your child with the sensory input they need to stay alert and tuned in throughout the day. The focus of a sensory diet is to promote naturally occurring opportunities for the child to receive the input they need to modulate their system throughout the day and across settings. This plan will be based on current research regarding sensory therapy.

Behavior Plan – We will work together to identify some behaviors/situations that are the most difficult for your child and family. We will provide a detailed plan and progress monitoring for you to implement in the home.

Implementation of the Behavior Plan – If you need more guidance with the in home modifications we are available to work with you further until you are confident with the plan.

Treatment Plan – If you feel there are other challenges your child faces that you would like us to address, we will provide a treatment plan. The plan will identify measurable goals that we will work on with your child.

Private Infant Massage Instruction – Heather Tweedie Altneu is a certified infant massage instructor and would love to teach you how to massage your baby! There are several benefits to infant massage. You will not only be bonding with your infant but you will be working on increasing relaxation, digestion, body awareness, beginning communication skills and much more! Heather will come to your home (Boone area) for three sessions not only teaching the massage techniques but also teaching activities to foster healthy development and healthy attachment.

Prices for services

We can bill Medicaid for treatment sessions for eligibile children.

Please contact us at 828-414-1464 or for pricing for evaluations, group sessions and other services.