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Guidelines for Heavy Work Activities
Learn how to implement heavy work activities into your child's daily sensory needs - "Guidelines for Heavy work"

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Tweedie Therapy is proud to be launching our infant/baby services. We are providing private instruction on being able to calm your baby and sleep consulting services. We offer these services in home or via web conferencing so we are able to reach out to ALL in need. Please contact us for a free consultation. Being a parent can be challenging at times. We are here to make this life transition a little easier. Call today! New services can be found under the Infant Tab. Don’t forget to check out our infant massage classes. Give your baby just what they need, your loving touch!

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SPD Chart

If you recognize any of these symptoms in your child and would like further information, please call or email Heather Tweedie MS OTR/L for a free sensory processing screen.

Sensory Diet Activity of the Month: Two liter buddy (Bottle Buddy)

How to make a Bottle Buddy
Take an empty two liter bottle and fill it with sand, beans, rice, anything with weight. You can also have your child decorate the outside of the bottle to their liking. This bottle can be used for transitions throughout the day. They can carry it to and from the car, school, or while you are running errands. The extra weight provides your child with the proprioceptive input needed to help organize their nervous system for more desired behavior.

Bottle Buddy’s are useful for children who need heavy work/organizing activities. Please click on the article of the month "Guidelines for Heavy work" for more information explaining heavy work and how to implement it into your child’s life. Please consult with an Occupational Therapist regarding the specific needs of your child.